Magnetech Engineering Services, Inc., a trusted and proven magnet/cryogenic expert since 1987, offers the following MRI SERVICES throughout the United States.  Click on any of the items for more information.

Cryogen Transfills

Experienced & professional MRI engineers perform work at customer’s convenience on any high field MRI magnet

Coldhead Service

Installation and provision of Sumitomo, Leybold and Balzers coldheads by veteran MRI engineers

Magnet Cool Downs

Efficient, careful handling of warm-shipped magnets

Cryogen Product

Supply of industry-standard pure cryogens from world supply company

Magnet Installation & Relocation

Location, relocation, &/or installation for MRI magnet

Service Contracts

Full cryogenic service coverage

Quench Recovery

Quick response to replenish liquid helium after magnet quench

Site Technical Training

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