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MRI Service

MRI Service

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MRI Service & Support

Magnetech proudly provides the following services.

  • Cryogen Transfills
  • Coldhead System Service
  • Magnet Cool Downs
  • Magnet Installation & Relocation
  • Quench Recovery
  • Technical Training for Site Personnel


The minute your service call is received, it begins to get top priority. We feel the urgency of your service need as if we owned the MRI system ourselves and immediately put all our resources to work on your behalf.


Our medical engineering professionals have expertise and experience with all types of MRI magnet manufacturers such as GE, Siemens, Picker, Philips, Toshiba, and Oxford. Safety procedures and up-to-date techniques are incorporated in all preventative and reparative maintenance. We have worked with MRI magnets for so many years, that we are comfortable and familiar with the different situations that could arise and know how to handle them well.


We value your time and are committed to serving at whatever time of the day or night the MRI unit is available. Your scanning schedule is important and shouldn’t be interrupted for service, so we schedule our work when your scanning is complete. And we NEVER ask you to pay more for us to work after hours

MRI Cryogens & Cryofill Service

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Given the importance of maximising MRI system uptime, you need a supplier who can guarantee the cryogen supply required for operation of your MRI systems.

Magnetech Engineering Services is a proven partner with years of experience serving MRI system manufacturers, third party service providers and individual hospitals/clinics.

Magnetech Engineering Services innovative technologies helps customers improve efficiencies and minimise costs through innovations. Our technicians monitor cryogen levels and maximize transfer efficiency, using a database management system, which schedules and tracks cryogen usage trends.

If problems do arise, Magnetech Engineering Services flexible service hours avoid unnecessary MRI system downtime, any time, day or night. We will device your machines after hours with our 24 Hour emergency support.